Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let My People Go

One of my greatest flaws and insecurities is how utterly politically unaware and disinterested I am.  It embarrasses me.  From what I've read of Egypt's new found freedom, I'm moved by the awareness of humanity's capacity to selflessly and unabashedly fight for liberties; the ability to think and move beyond one's self at the risk of physical peril or even death; to act with fellow citizens toward one cause.  It is a remarkable and beautiful thing.  But then I think of North Korea, people who don't even have the freedom to fight for their own freedom, because unlike Egyptians the North Koreans are unaware of their state of brain wash and life's imprisonment by one of the scariest humans alive -- an entire nation at the mercy of one man who controls their thoughts, values, and quotidian lives.  The victory of one country reminds me of the enslavement of so many others.

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